Are Hard Drives Still Worth It?

Avaldati 27 märts 2021
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We tested modern software running on older storage to see if it can still keep up with ever-increasing file sizes and demand
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  • Still waiting for that chocolate video tbh

  • Better question: is Hard Exercise still worth it? Answer: yes.

  • I only store small/old games on my hdd whilst my 50gb+ games are placed on an SSD.

  • Watching this on the last days before the total failure of my HDD. I have got to replace this one soon.

  • Good video.

  • why are you making that face in the thumbnail?

  • I feel like there should have been just a little hint at how SSDs will lose data over time (Years), if they are not connected to any power. Or am I missing something? Has things changed in that area lately? Anyways, if you need to store stuff for a long time, having it on a disconnected drive (SSD or Disk) is a bad idea anyways, so I understand why it is really not that important to know. But it SHOULD be known at least :)

  • I've had 3 ssd failures in the last 6 years. The same hdd's are still in service.

  • Are hard drives still worth it? *laughs in Chia*

  • boring fat guy with not funny jokes - NOPE

  • ohhh the stutter. It wasn't me.

  • for years when i was younger, i was either using the pc my parents had bought for the house (a gateway 2000 pre-00s' and a dell Inspiron 550 around 06-07 back when dual-core was all the craze! my first experience of a self build was a pc my brother put together back in the early 2000s' AMD Athlon 1300 xp. the idea of multiple hard drives let alone solid-state didn't even occur to me. i put together my first self build in 2015 , originally I did the whole small ssd big hard drive thing then I upgraded to a crucial 1tb 2.5". fast forward to now and I'm running a 2tb Intel 660P with an external 2tb WD for backup to be honest, i don't think I'll ever want to go back.

  • 2TB HDD: $100 1TB SSD: $130 Say what you want, I'm still poor. So, my choice is pre-determined

  • I bought a 4TB WD Blue(CMR) for $80 a few months ago. I'm very happy with it for bulk storage.

  • I've got a 1TB NVMe SSD and a 1TB HDD. Best of both worlds!

  • You should of dropped that HDD, that hard, while you was driving.

  • huuuuh? "SSDs last longer" i always heard that HDDs are better for storing your data. Did something change?

  • 50% sponsor links. Excessive, and detracted from the content so much, it ruined the video :( You've got overheads, but imo, you are no longer making sponsored informative entertainment, instead, the info and entertainment seem to be there just as a vehicle for the advertisement.

  • I gots 8 x 8tb wd red need DISK splines man super RAID TERRABYTES OF TERROR

  • Anthony’s so smooth with his segue into a sponsor, unlike Linus!

  • Right now for 1tb, the prices are double. But once you get into the 4gb or higher, prices for ssd's skyrocket. And I just don't have like 6 sata ports on my motherboard for multiple ssd's Ive had the same backup 1tb hard drive I bought a decade ago, spinning in my computer all these years. And it hasn't broken. As far as I know, no ssd purchased 10 years ago, was as cheap, or would last. I don't get this idea that ssd's have become as good on all points. It hasn't. Hard drives are an easy way to save chunks of cash, especially since you probably have a good one sitting around or a friend does.

  • The 2x price rule works for lower capacity builds, SSDs are typically much more expensive as you rack up the Tbs...

  • But you can't degauss an SSD... ;)

  • 3:40 with every hand gesture I cringe, even with parked heads, I fear data loss is immenent with a HD. 4:55 nice stutter edit

  • Too many God damn ads for this dumb shit

  • Short answer: Yes Long answer: Yes

  • NVME SSD for system partition and a standard SSD for installed games. Regular HDD for storage of movies, music and misalliance files and all will be good. Don’t buy an NVME for storage, it’s a ridiculous waste of money.

  • It depends which. I managed to buy a couple of shitty S*****e 2.5" drives. They are really bad.

  • The guy seems to get fatter

  • When I was a kid, we had punched cards, cassette tapes, and paper tape for offline storage. I have a PC build from 2020 with 5 TB SSD. I do have HDDs but they are for backup.

  • Lol that thumbnail tho

  • My newest build: 2TB SSD, 14 TB HD.

  • SSD for games and Programmes, HDD for storage . Still use HDD for Plex and no need to change

  • body positive Linus from body positive Canada

  • It's so good to see Anthony grow in confidence and ability in front of camera. He's my fave member of the team these days. Knowledgable, eloquent, funny, and genuine. Keep up the awesome work and more Anthony content please!!!

  • If Anthony's was in shape, he would look like Leonardo Dicaprio.

  • i love this guy

  • I love that Anthony constantly gets the praise he deserves to this day

  • My setup is M.2 for OS, SSD for games and files, and HDD for shit like COD. Works out great.

  • "Twice as expensive" this is a lie through omission...a 4TB SSD can't be had for less than $400 while a 4TB HDD can regularly be had for well under $100, pricing is still the Achilles heel of the SSD and the worst of it reaches a much steeper incline on the upper end of capacity than HDDs do. The 18TB HDD from WD is approximately $250 cheaper than the 4TB NVMe from Sabrent, and the 8TB NVMe is worth 3 18TB HDDs...

  • Mister spinner made me giggle

  • I bought a SSD years ago when they were more expensive. After a year of using it, it clunked out on me. I imagine how much it would have sucked if my project files were on it. I think HDDs are safer for file retention. I have my old PC from 20 years ago and the HDD still works just fine. I still have a SSD for booting my PC and programs I use the most but I keep my files on a disk.

  • Great video champ, love the video stutters. I'm an old school builder just jumping back in and i..shocked at the amount of 5400 drives out there. What a waste. When I built my last PC Raptors were just released and what a difference. Now with ssd's I don't understand why anyone would do a HDD except for NAS and even then. If you only need 2tb total storage just do ssd.

  • idk mate i like my spinny bits

  • I have over 24TB spread across 7 drives lol

  • I still buy the larger HDD's for mass storage. It's hard to beat 10-16 TB of storage for only a few hundred Canadian peso's. That said almost all my games (plus boot) are on an SSD, but anything that doesn't need the blazing fast speed (and its not being transported all over) is on the HDD (video files, documents, etc)

  • Unlimited games on HDD one or two in a SSD 😂

  • I think they just trying to help push products.

  • In summary, "use the right tool for the job." The only real job left for spindles is bulk storage, where speed isn't much of an issue - for example, backups, or your entirely legitimate movie library. But even then they should be RAIDed.

  • My system uses a 250GB ssd for my boot drive and a 5 TB WD Black HDD 😐

  • I have a 2tb for all my gaming and my SSD for booting and some games... The only game I have load time issues with is killing floor 2... Not wow, now eso or any other mmo which is a lot of what I play. I'm pretty good lol, worth the money I save

  • For at least some time, data is just getting much larger so SSDs will need to get cheaper faster.

  • Ssd and hdd combo is still king. I'm not paying 500$++ to replace ONE of my 2tb drives.

  • I cant afford games so I dont need much storage

  • 1:15 Only if you use an OS that restricts you to 26 drive letters ...

  • 0:16 And what happened to those “hybrid” drives, with flash acting as some kind of nonvolatile cache in combination with a regular magnetic drive? Yeah, dumb idea.

  • Please more Anthony! Much more Anthony! He is charismatic af!

  • I love this guy.I don't watch a whole lot of LTT so idk his name but this guy. he's a cool guy.

  • m.2 internal in a external case 😀

  • I prefer this new host! His voice is better then Linus.

  • Less ironic segue today.....

  • I think HDDs are good mass storage for long term less used stuff, and SSDs are good for quicker needs.

  • This guy gave a read and write speed of 100-120 MBPS. Hard drives could reach those speeds over ten years ago. Several years ago hard drives could reach speeds of over 200 MBPS. This guy forget to mention SATA hard drive RAID systems can give you fasts speeds and a lot of storage. Video files like 4K Pro Res or 4K BRAW require a lot of storage space and a lot of throughput. How much would an 80 GB SSD system cost compared to an 80 GB hard drive RIAD setup? The video link below demonstrates what a RAID system can do.

  • IF you have an old spinner in the draw, then yes its a viable option - we ain't buying them unless they are 2TB or bigger guys, the cost to performance benefit is just not there on anything less.

  • New comment on an older video: SMR is only an issue if you're writing to a drive often. If you're reading a lot though (like in a lot of consumer NAS applications), there's no real issue. If you have other write technologies, great... SMR is cheaper by and large. That said, it's a dick move to use it and not tell people about it.

  • When I was a kid, PC did not exist! Never mind ssd's

  • There is some great subtle editing going on here

  • Well I use a Hybrid drive, so I can't really relate on my main computer, but can relate on my laptop with a 1TB HDD(6900 RPM)

  • For saving and viewing any high quality video such as UHD Blu-rays the standard HDDs is really the most sensible way to store them. I just purchased two 3,5" 7200 rpm 14 TB drives for 220€ each to use as simple media storage. There's no need for faster speeds for simply accessing the media and there's nothing which comes close in price per storage space. So, as always, it depends whatever you want your computer to be able to do.

  • "When I was a kid, SSDs barely existed." How old is this dude? He looks 40. Are SSDs that old?

  • I have a 6TB 7200rpm Toshiba HDD that has a 256mb cache and I partitioned it into two , so now it's two 3TB drives and I'm telling you it's one of the most impressive HDs I've ever owned , like most drives you get from Seagate or WD your getting a 64mb cache even in the high end drives that claims it's for gaming and it's so fast , lol yeah 5400rpms with 64mb cache is not fast , so if want a crazy fast large drive for your games or just a primary drive that can keep up with whatever you throw at , well the Toshiba X300 6TB is the way to go .

  • I still prefer HDs for long term storage. For the price, it still makes sense.

  • MOAR ANTHONY. That is all. Thank you

  • Pro tip: in most multiplayer games everyone waits on the last person to load in before starting. Personally I run single player games ssd and multiplayer hdd

  • Still, an 8 or 10 gb WD Gold HDD is worth it to store all your Steam games, while the NVMe drive/s for OS and games that your currently playing.

  • Yes they are if you live outside of first world bubble and cant casually walk to supermarket and buy 200$ item.

  • Mmm im watching a commercial...

  • Is it true that SSD lose it's data in a year without power? HDD has no such problem

  • What games have you and Linus been playing lately?

  • What you fail to mention is yes you can get SSD or even NVME down to $100 a TB, but when you start looking at big HHD's you are looking at $20 to $25 a TB, which when you have a collection of 300+ movies even at 1080p starts to matter

  • I love his voice.

  • Honestly I transferred most of my game to a HDD because I was running out of space and I noticed a small difference in loading time but nothing excessive.

  • Too many advertisements for a 7 minute video.

  • I mean, I imagine hard drives will still be around, they will just become a niche product for people who want to build early-mid 2000s PeeCees or upgrade hard drives on older 6th or 7th gen consoles. There will still be a market for mechanical hard drives, just a much smaller one to appeal to 6th-7th gen gamers.

  • *pats NAS* I still love you and think you're worth it.

  • I olny have an 4TB external Hard Drive from WD RED

  • heh I have 3 hdd in pc all powered with 1tb ssd caching so I don't loosing speed:D

  • The only thing I find with an SSD vs a 3.5" HDD when using the drives as external storage backups is that data tends to go corrupt more easily on an SSD compared to the HDD. I've been using the same 1tb HDD drive for around a decade and its still fine and my data's still intact (hopefully havnt jinxed myself), however since owning the HDD I've had 3 SDD's that have corrupt my data and died on me. I've also had a dell inspiring duo 1090 which I put a Samsung evo sata SSD into and everything went corrupt on that as well including the OS. Hey maybe I'm just unlucky, but for me for backing up, I will aways use a 3.5" HDD over an SSD.

  • So then should all of my drives except long term storage be SSD's?

  • If next-gen consoles are using SSD then I wouldn't expect devs to bother optimizing for hard drives in the future.

  • you guys on fuckery...

  • Ads are getting sooooo smooth these days.

  • When I can get a 4 TiB SSD for £130, then it'll be time to ditch them. But until then, I'll stick with my WD Red Pro.

  • When I was in school I was told that flash memory had to be re-actualized or it would simply evaporate (electrical charge is lost over time), so you can't store your old tv-shows in a box for years with SSDs, is this still true? this was 15 years ago.

    • @Elemkay heh, I should replug some old usb drive then.

    • That's very much true. It is a function of how the solid state cells work - so unless they invent a new kind of solid state drive, this will always be true. Which I would have expected Anthony to pick up on to be fair!

  • What's even the point of this video? SSD for your system drive all day long. If your data, software, OS, etc fits in 2tb or under, that's all you need. Full stop. But for those of us with more extensive data needs, until they make price-comparable SSDs that hold my video collection that is pushing the limits of the dual 8tb spinners I have it on now (mirrored, two 8tb drives, is still way mo cheaper than trying to do that on SSD), it's going to be a looong time before I stop buying spinning hard drives. Not to mention additional spinners for full local backups of my various home computers.

    • @Elemkay Yup. It got passing mention "we used to recommend this" but then they implied that the only thing they were good for is installing lesser-used games on if you don't mind slow loading times, but then higher settings will get screwed up so don't bother. Turns out, some people use computers for things other than installing games. Shocking concept, I know.

    • Can't believe they failed to address the fact that an SSD AND a HDD makes the most sense for almost everyone

  • Anthony is such a great presenter. Easily the best to listen to on this channel

  • Anthony is the part of LMG!

  • i have 4tb of nvme storage that i got on an amazon sale and i definately recommend if you use a laptop that have two m.2 slots. Plus upgrading to the small form factor reduces weight considerably on laptops.

  • I said it once, and I'll say it again; there is something about the voice of Anthony that is just soothing 😊

  • I don't care for the topic, if it's Anthony on the thumbnail, you have my attention!