Roasting Your WORST Setups

Avaldati 3 apr 2021
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You guys asked for it, and today we deliver. We're roasting the best and worst of your setups from Twitter.
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Title: Laszlo - Supernova
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Outro Screen Music Credit: Approaching Nirvana - Sugar High
Monitor And Keyboard by vadimmihalkevich / CC BY 4.0
Mechanical RGB Keyboard by BigBrotherECE / CC BY 4.0
Mouse Gamer free Model By Oscar Creativo / CC BY 4.0


  • Ha I don’t even have one

  • bro i have a GTX 970

  • 4:23 I have that exact same N64 game...

  • Well at least they can find a pc in stock

  • me who sits at a school desk with a pillow as a setup. lmao i feel like some of the people here


  • I like how some have good cable management inside the cases but I'm curious how the other side of the case look like behind that panel 😈

  • 15:00 Linus missed the box of Kleenex.

  • 10:32 Get rid of the children ? Nice priorities. -roastback.

    • We need Linus to have kids so future generations may have their own Linusi helping out people with PC problems and lso making videos.

  • I got ryzen 5 4650 coming until the GPU become affordable to buy.

  • who needs a giveaway

  • man we are poooor

  • I need to say something, I fucking love that Linus can appreciate not only balls to the wall gaming setups, like that guy i cant remember who reviews gaming setups. Im not trying to start an argument, I do not care about that other guy, but its just great to see a person who can ACTUALLY accept good enough even though they dont need to.

  • Does America just not have the £10 tables from IKEA? xD


  • My PC setup: a empty floor (Because I can't afford it I'll be 50 by the time I even think about it)

  • Atleast they have a decent setup unlike my laptop on bed and mouse beside it

  • This video was a lot about *BEEP*

  • U should do it with tech source I wanna see u guys roast it :>

  • _I'll need to _*_absolutely_*_ make sure I don't lose my VR controllers._

  • They be roasting them setups while their PC performs 10x than mine .-.

  • My setup is a iPad 8 with a keyboard and trackpad a iPad 7 and Samsung s9

  • Is this the real linus?

  • this guys awesome

  • i can't LOL 10:42 had me dying laughing

  • Bro just dowsed the screen 4:02

  • 8:42 achievement hunter poster

  • Props to the guy who got. Herman desk for 25 bucks

  • Can you let me barrow a pc for like the rest of my life it would be nice thank you

  • Indian setups

  • part 2

  • If Linus is ever doing this series again, I am sure entering my setup as the worst setup.

  • Copied @TechSource

  • 70 bucks for a pillow? 😣😣

  • At 14:16 Linus says “ohh he even has the Mac mini” Me: It’s an apple time capsule Also Linus if you read this I love your work and have been watching for 3 years I think doing a video on the Apple time capsule could be entertaining as it was discontinued in 2018 and production stopped in like 2014.

  • Finn died inside watching this

  • Hmm anomaly made this video too

  • if you saw mine , omg

  • Can you guys react to kaztro's gaming setup ? You will be amazed🤯🤯🤯

  • 5:02 LOL. I have a 1 liter lotion dispenser on my desk because my hands get super dry from all the washing thanks to covid. When friends or family come visit they always stare at it. One time I had a balled up paper towel (keep some around in case I spill water or something) on my desktop and my little brother gave me a nasty look.

  • "value ram can be a value" me: huh

  • me i dont have setup just laptop

  • My gaming setup: Nintendo DS

  • this would make a great series

  • I almost died laughing

  • 3:06 these types of computer only exists in India

  • Yo so i havent even taken off the plastic or that thing on the glass on my pc yet and i have had my pc for 2 years now lol i think oh exstra armor lol 😂

  • Anyone Gaming Setup A L a p t o p

  • 11:26 thank you for the reminder!

  • U need to see kaztro gaming ( a Indian pubg streamer) setup u will be liked oooooo

  • Madison: Is social media coordinator at large Canadian Tech Media Corporation Also Madison: Has goblin-tier setup for her custom pc built at said corporation

  • This was quite a ride 🤣 gold comedy and I picked up a couple things on the way as well 11:56 the enhance was crazy though damn 😯 people hiding their webcams from the FBI? hide your damn pictures from Linus!

  • How to submit the setup?

  • Is it possible to submit a ps4/tv/laptop setup? Or does that not count for crappy setup

  • that guy with the dual 1080s had 8 fans lmao, maybe a tad overkill

  • 4:42 Just has two chromebooks and a desktop with an outdated monitor all at the same workstation, like a normal person.

  • Plz stop swearing

  • Just get rid of the children.

  • me who got a potato pc: ok

  • That was fun....I'm definitely NOT sending my photo....!

  • You're taking on troll masters from Jayz channel. They know how to bring the cringe.

  • @2:00 That looks a lot like a case design I'm drafting up. I got the inspiration from pc test benches. The biggest difference is I want to put plexiglass shields on custom made standoffs on each side since it's going to be for my two youngest daughters. A little extra protection in cases something splashes. This case in the video looks great and lets me know I'm on the right track for the look I'm after.

  • Title: Roasting Your WORST Setups Me: my setup is worse then every setup on this video

  • he says he got a fake GPU but sees the 3070 on there

  • ah yes a nice pillow for me to sit on. meh 80 dollars thats not to bad, [phone rings] oh its my bank thats strange hello sir it appears that you are in severe debt after purchasing a....... no an 80 dollar pillow have yo gone mad [sits in comfort] STONKS

  • If this is bad, you should see my brother's setup

  • Linus made this type of content before?

  • fucking died when he said "look them in the eye"

  • Who else felt bad for the people that showed their pc setup and got roasted

  • That fat guy is quite annoying

  • Bruh do this people know that not every one is An youtuber and don't make az much money

  • there are a few building code not soo awesome

  • Watching this feeling like: Me buying computer in 2016 (slower, more expensive) Also Me roasting my friend who bought a faster computer in 2021 (faster, cheaper) Mine was like more than 2000 dollar with GTX1060 but my friend is only around 1500 dollar with GTX1660Ti 😭😭😭😭

  • This is hilarious! I wish my setup could've been in the video.

  • 2:50 her? That's a boy...

  • Ever since I've watched this video I've been addicted to the case at 2:02 !! in case (heh) anyone is wondering, it's the Xtia Xproto. Would love to see LTT do a build with it 0.o

  • Bruh I have no PC and it just hurts me to see them roasting PC setups

  • So this is tech source, on steroid.

  • So entertained.

  • I have now experienced computer jealousy

  • Dope video 👌glad you can hook people up with gpus struggle is real out here can’t find any 3000 or 2000 series for a decent price

  • Help me find a gpu fuck those two

  • My pc is so old it can still use floppy disks

  • What's more annoying is that linus is using a model o on a desk instead of a mousepad

  • i thought i was the only one who put my dogs bed under my desk lol

    • she has another bed if she doesn't want to sleep there

  • I enjoy this type of content

  • I swear Linus is just Ryan’s toy review but just for tech nerds

  • dont mean to be rude but 70$ for a pillow..

  • Stop being delusional

  • My Sennheiser 820s cost more than a majority of these setups, or nearly as much as these setups..

  • Poor dog owner he got roasted by linus and probably his doggo got roasted while chewing the exposed wires..

  • Pt 2 plz

  • I have an Office PC with a GTX 710 and I play gta only like 5 fps

  • Lmao they would have cried if they seen my set up 😂. I have a at least 50 lbs Wacom + stand and my desk is bending and i have a dell pc because i play only 3 games at most and i just draw.

  • Bitwit definitely did a better job at roasting

  • That headset is totally for P***

  • What's with the scaling on this video?

  • Hey dont make fun of us few that play with 16k dpi. We just conserve space

  • Please don’t use God’s name in vain

  • who else uses a GTX 750 (PNY)