Building a gaming PC at… WALMART?

Avaldati 20 märts 2021
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When you don’t have a Microcenter, why not look to Walmart? We’re going to build a gaming PC from the store that claims to have it all
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Buy ASUS ROG Strix B450-F Gaming II
Buy AMD Ryzen 5 3600 CPU
Buy CORSAIR Vengeance LPX DDR4 RAM 2x8GB
Buy Sapphire Pulse Radeon RX 5700 XT GPU
Buy Novashion Computer Case
Buy Aigo DR12 Pro RGB LED PC Case Fans
Buy Cooler Master MasterLiquid ML120L RGB V2
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Walmart's cheap Ryzen laptop video:
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Monitor And Keyboard by vadimmihalkevich / CC BY 4.0
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    • No pls. Stick to walmart thanks.

    • costco doesnt sell parts tho do they

    • $1.50 hot dog and pop not included, bummer

    • @Marcus Garvey but you have to buy them in bulk because you can’t buy a single one

    • Ok

  • What was that last game?

  • Cosco

  • We meet again dark mode intro

  • lol not even halfway through and I can tell it's "Fuck Walmart" as the theme lol

  • I went into PC Part picker and redid the list, although the 3600 and the 5700XT weren't available so I had to switch those 2 out for something else, I also added a monitor (Cuz I'm using a laptop currently) and I dropped the price down to $1595.90, I've outsmarted the guys that make me wanna build a PC

  • “COSTCO” that made me laugh a bit too loud 😂

  • I want to see the goodwill gaming pc

  • Vrla tech has really good pricing I got a 3070 and a bunch of other good stuff all for 1850 about a month ago

  • Impossible!

  • Yeah, I don't think the GPU prices are going to improve. Lower end cards might drop in price once the normies go away and the miners and scalpers give up. But higher end ones are only going to get more expensive. Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing said just the other day that shortages aren't going away and If I had to imagine GPU chips are their lowest priority. That is, unless Semiconductors began manufacturing somewhere else in the world... Perhaps a place that used to make them but for some foolish reason stopped, Starts with an A and ends with ica. *ANTARCTICA*

  • I know why there was that random screw hole for the motherboard, most Chinese motherboards are half a inch wider than a standard full ATX



  • I am glad I bought literally like a week before the scalpers hit lmao

  • 11:54 nice name ; )

  • target computer!


  • What was the last game you played there at the end?

  • 9:02 Do i Really See Old probably even used Saphire Radeon HD 2600 X for 227$????????? Are they actually insane????? Even Here, Two-three Times Better GPUs are priced around 60-100$. Wth Is going on there LMAO

  • It's actually illegal to use USPS envelopes for anything other than USPS shipping. Walmart used them as packing material?

  • Walmart sells all the junk any other pc retailer does, this build is stupid. Walmart dot com market place is not cheap at all, walmart's market place is controlled by re-sellers who mark up the price as much as they want, you will find computer parts cheaper anywhere else but walmart dot com

  • cable management, pffft. wi-fi fans is where its at dude

  • That’s my motherboard lol

  • helo

  • Thermal pad on cpu? Is this 1999?

  • I like Linus because he doesn't shout like loads of other EEcloners :)

  • That damn 5700xt was a ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS! Should have been $400!

  • Linus, can I borrow a 2060 off of you?

  • Dude. My brother just made a pc with R5 5600x and RTX 3060ti with 16gb 32000mhz ram for just 1900$ and its built like 3 weeks ago

  • do only craigslist gaming PC

  • Kirkland PC might be bomb tho

  • Its next to impossible to buy a good gaming PC. Inflation, assholes buying everything up and re-selling at triple the cost, etc.

  • Next: Building A Pc At Burger King



  • I just replaced that board with a B550 tomahawk because I yeeted my 2700X pulling the AIO water block/pump off . sold the motherboard for 80 so got some of my money back. Oh also now rocking a 5800X I also have that CPU cooler in my FX-4300 secondary system for older stuff that doesn't play well with Ryzen and/or modern Nvidia

  • Hey I bought a prebuilt from sam's club and it is great lol

  • What is going on with PC prices!? If consoles let you use keyboard and mouse, I'd happily move to then atm.

  • "that's right the video card shortage has affected everyone". Pans to literal shelves of gpu's.

  • All facebook market pc

  • Xqc PogChamp

  • I'm basically an idiot when it comes to PC building. I'm surprised that my PC that I built a few years ago ever worked. What's with these new internal SSD sticks? I had never heard of them before until I started watching LTT the other week.

  • Enermax?! My friends and I won a few of their raffles at PAX East! I don't remember how long ago it was, but since then I've been a fan!

  • thank you so much for pointing out the stupid pop out back panels I mean seriously???? what if u decide u don't want ur 2nd gpu in there anymore so stupid and cheap, so that and the cooling of these cases r my biggest issue

  • "What did it cost? The answer is...everything." I fucking KNEW That was coming

  • You should do all Facebook marketplace

  • I'm waiting for the all 7-Eleven PC

  • 9:35 did you know that human eyes can only see up to 250fps?

  • "COSTCO!"

  • Somebody saw that March 2020 mess up right??? Lol

  • Aliexpress is next🤣

  • I always LIKED these videos..I felt sick watching this because how much that PC cost for what it has in it all because of a GPU. How ever, next time with these video's,,, try to include, mouse, keyboard, Monitor for to say like some one who has none, start from the bottom type...

  • all aliexpress pc

  • "gpu shortage" it's because LMG has like 1000 of them....

  • should do a full build from memory express

  • Pc build using ikea

  • Stay safe, handsome/beautiful :)

  • you should do a Ali baba gaming pc

  • Ay I have to ROG strix

  • Also, did you do best buy? They're a normal and highly used tech place

  • Costco please

  • I went with Nzxt streaming and gaming pc last October and it's been absolutely phenomenal and runs everything well above 60fps stays cool is pretty quiet and overall I don't regret the price or the purchase.

  • Standard hole? Pffft I'm a risky guy

  • build a target gaming pc or best buy

  • Not going to lie dude I bought a pre-built PC from which was also being sold on Amazon I paid $575 total based on the details it was well worth it because graphics cards are so expensive the PC came with a GTX 1650 super. What you think?

  • im so happy i upgraded my laptop to desktop paid $2600 and its solid just got ripped off with the strix rtx 3070 for 1200, lol now its up to 1600 insane!!!

  • Can we have a death match between Hacksmiths Vs Linus Tech Tips?

  • i got the same 5700xt for 700 aud :P

  • Thrift store PC build.

  • you can build a much older pc that delivers the same performance with 400 dollars.

  • No matter how bad you think a Walmart store is when it comes to PC component stock think yourself lucky you don’t live in the UK ! It’s just pathetic how bad it is here , I joke not . Waiting isn’t something you decide to do it’s not an option. It would be an easier and a better option to get a Decent GPU in the states by breaking into the Bank of England than trying to get a graphics card over here . Why doesn’t someone recognise there’s a gap in the market and fill the gap. There’s money to be made folks , wake up Walmart etc . 😤🤬

  • Target next...

  • Target sells parts, or try GameStop

  • The fallacious sea objectively march because click endoscopically grease opposite a erratic detective. exultant, silent windshield

  • Not cheap

  • Flea Market Always changes Never know what you'll get Do Flea Market build

  • You're actually not even gonna bother with showing us the pc lit up? Man, you guys getting sloppy..

  • can i have that pc? xd at least better than my fx 6100 LOL

  • Probably better than my rig 😂😂😂 even if from Walmart

  • These items are not sold in walmart stores, they're just bought from the walmart website. Two completely different things.

  • No ones talking about it costing $2,000 to build a mid range last gen PC?

  • 10:27 kermit dee frog

  • using your m.2 as a handle....that's a new one...

  • I got a 5700xt mech and I'm glad I only paid $369 for it. 1200 bucks yeesh.

  • Xqc epic

  • I like Linus jeans. Would someone tell me which brand is?

  • Linus would you do a video for a pc set up that would run Escape From Tarkov well. i watch all your videos and im looking to build a new pc soon(if i can find parts) . thanks for the great videos linus.

  • Yup. Third party retailers in the storefront. That is the shopping experience. And guess what? If any of it breaks or you need to return it, good luck...they will likely direct you to an address in China that is actually just a noodle shop. Their online marketplace is horrendous.

  • Don't know if I can trust the word of a homeless beach bum. Where's Linus?

  • That MSI Gaming Mech OC 5700XT is one of the loudest and hottest cards. lol

  • It's the only way we can get a gpu now

  • You should make a PC where you got all the parts from quirky websites. or deepweb

  • you can def find cheaper, higher performing parts like a case and cpu cooler lol but the times are tough nowadays. i got my Phanteks P300A with a mesh front for about $40, ryzen 5 3600 for effectively $140 and that exact RAM for around $100 last June


  • build december 2020 video released march 2021

  • Part shortages will be normal come mid-late summer.

  • Is it possible to connect a console gpu to a pc for gaming, I've searched everywhere on youtube and have found nothing, if it's possible I'd like you to make a video on that

  • all the GPU are on Linus's shelves, that's why we can't find it =]

  • I'm waiting for the All Target 🎯 PC.