The Jankiest EXTREME Gaming Setup - Intel $5,000 Extreme Tech Upgrade

Avaldati 4 apr 2021
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David went above and beyond for this one, that's for sure.
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Title: Laszlo - Supernova
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Outro Screen Music Credit: Approaching Nirvana - Sugar High
Monitor And Keyboard by vadimmihalkevich / CC BY 4.0
Mechanical RGB Keyboard by BigBrotherECE / CC BY 4.0
Mouse Gamer free Model By Oscar Creativo / CC BY 4.0


  • I saw the camera guy wave so I wave back

  • Linus : 100mbps is shit me who lives in Irish countryside : 0.17mbps take it or leave it

  • 0:21 YES R6S

  • You just want to make me and other people jalous!!!

  • 19:13 HOTGLUE !!, Just kidding, I attach my harddrives with just one screw or two one sided, anywhere the screws will fit. It's jank, but works for me.

  • Beware of walls that drill easily, the mount may actuall rip out of the wall, when you attach and extend the arm of the mount. Poor construction walls will not allow high leverage upon it.

  • 12:26 My aging game rig, has like 10 pounds of wool in front of it. Still works though. Glad to not have sent in a picture for the ROAST series. I think I would have been nuked, MLRS style.

  • 2:50 hentai

  • Thats cool

  • replace the NEC/TOKIN capacitors in that ps3, heatgunning it just heats up the capacitors and that makes them work for a while, the cpu and gpu actually have nothing wrong with them.

  • This entire energy of “f**k you and f**k me too” was perfection by definition

  • This entire energy of “f**k you and f**k me too” was perfection by definition

  • Petition for Linus to build a computer in the R2D2 👇

  • Build that R2D2 PC and call it R2CPU Thank me later

  • Do you think the next rog extreme upgrade would have a 11th generation intel cpu?

  • AN I3 I’m sorry

  • Y’all are just too much. You look at his jankiness like I look at yours.

  • Is everyone seriously gonna ignore how sweaty his armpits were

  • David is like me messing around while my dad is struggling.

  • These videos make me wanna buy a pre-built

    • Use a website that u jus choose the parts and they build it for you

  • Bluetooth is radio actually.... But i get what you meant.

  • Big fan of that laugh!

  • 25:17 persona 4 :OOOOOOOOOo

  • mmmmmmm sweaty pits

  • when he said it's not bluetooth, it's radio I died

  • "hey David, I think we now hav enough hair to make another god" 😂

  • This is the best upgrade yet, loved it

  • "I have a wall now" - David 2021

  • Thumbnail game me cancer

  • Something is missing here: shoulder massager and neon wall lights😂 seriously I love those

  • David's laugh though 🤣🤣

  • this is definitely my favourite series man.. just seeing linus disappointed and judging his people ... amazing

  • Linus: Hey David David: Yasss ?

  • Damn I wish I worked for you 🤣🤣

  • david: has 5k from intel gets i3

  • I wish I could get a chance for this

  • Most out of touch tech ytbr

  • The way he skittered off @ 7:19 🤣🤣

  • Manz got those armpit stains

  • Give me ONE chance with 5k

  • “You’ve got enough hair to make another dog”💀

  • seen there will be more streamers than people to watch streams....

  • I am a bit of a tech person but watching his videos i dont understand a word anyone says. 😂

  • This is one confusing but yet coolest video

  • David laughs like Tigger

  • if you think his setup is bad, you should see mine

  • That scene at the beginning 💀💀💀

  • “It’s a good starter mic to see if I like streaming” he says as he has a $2000 webcam

  • Hey linus wanna see my 750ti setup? Lool

  • inb4 the tv mount falls off

  • Not a fan of David

  • Loved this video, one of the best upgrades, and a man after my own heart awesome.

  • Can I have one

  • Everyone will just ingor that he has a 5k Puget and didn't even spent a single 5$ on cable manegment ?

  • Man these videos make me jealous. I don't even have a PC

  • what’s his twitch

  • where can i get them desk legs?

  • Can I get a makeover pls

  • His laugh is like one of those people that makes us laugh by their laugh like ksi

  • his laugh thooo🤣👌

  • ha ha he said nuts

  • The dog hair joke..... XDS

  • Any updates on PS3

  • this costs more than my jealous xd

  • I'd never ask for this guys help. He likes to belittle people that knows less. He is far from being funny

  • Does he have a wife

  • May I have a $5000.00 make over... doesnt hurt to ask right.. i'll set up a tik tok and set my 5600x on fire and go intel with the setup.. lol

  • they should not be wearing grey shirts here


  • bonkers hahaha thats a word i havent heard in a long time

  • Nerds and power tools... happy I am some form of hybrid

  • 22:56 Lol

  • He was genuinely hyped made it so much better.

  • (0:35) That's so beautiful

  • Why does David sound like the Hyenas from the Lion King lmao

  • rtx 3080+I3 10/10 balancing

  • Love the old school gentletyphoons. I have the high-speed gentletyphoons rewired with PWM to cool my radiator. My waterpump is PWM as well, so running them all off the CPU PWM signal works out well.


  • David doesn't get enough screen time on LTT.

  • Video sponsored by Intel David wears a Razer Mask

  • You need to wear masks for your own home??

  • 23:39 that was my first computer keyboard.

  • I think David might be my spirit animal...

  • You're going to want to use ECC with that NAS and Intel do not support ECC on mainstream boards not even x299. A ryzen 1600AF and Strix B450-F board would have been better, the B450-F works with ECC confirmed. I learned the hard way when writing over 10tb to a NAS with more than half of the data being corrupted after.. It wasn't a nice experience to say the least. You spent more on a watercooled NAS instead I guess.

  • his laugh tho

  • These Intel $5000 upgrade videos have shown me that I am in fact not a dirty slob. Thanks.

  • Can I ask why he was outside when talking about what he picked

  • 5000$ ??

  • 29:48 I thought you were going to say Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) is available from Intel too

  • Y'all got any more of that spending money?

  • I'm not even 5 minutes in and I already love David.

  • Why am I the last person to get a 3080 on this planet :(

  • Quote unquote borrowed

  • He is so giddy, its like a lil kid at christmas.

  • Linus Screw Tips

  • I know he isn't an LMG employee, but I would sign a petition to give Brian the Electrician a $5,000 pc makeover.

  • U could add 3 vrs😂😂😭

  • Geez I wish I had top notch tech like this

  • 20 Tbs ?? For what

  • This video in a nutshell: @18:10 - "Give me jank!" Linus: "Wait, do you not see the problem?" David: "NOPE!"

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