How Motherboards Work - Turbo Nerd Edition

Avaldati 28 märts 2021
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Linus was on vacation and we went full nerd.
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  • Definitely want to see more “Turbo Nerd” edition videos in the future. This was just awesome. :D Also, I love how the conclusion of this video vindicates ITX as the better form factor for most people. (Seriously though, most people don’t need an ATX board, so why is ATX still so much more common?!)

  • Can we get more educational videos like this? There is definitely a void of content that should be filled where the creator has a decent size budget and reputation to get access to what sometimes seems like video content that is un-reachable to most creators. I love to see things work and how they work. Can I please have more of this?

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  • I have 1 question, 1 fucking question: If you CAN do daisy chain mobo with 4 slots and get teh speed of 2 slot mobo, WHY NOT DO A 2 SLOT MOBO IN THE FIRST PLACE INSTEAD?! Why bother with adding 2 more slots and telling the user to stick their rams to this and that? Just do 2 slots, and it's cheaper to boot. WTF am I missing?

  • Love the VRM description. I have the Gigabyte Z390 Aorus Xtreme similar to the board in the video and specifically bought it due to the VRMs. My i9-9900K is at 5.1GhZ base clock on all 16 threads. Also why I won't buy Asus motherboards with much lower VRM counts.

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  • I found it ironic that the guy discussing memory was visibly reading cue cards. While I knew everything discussed here except the multi channel topology. I found the video to be well presented and produced. (So strange I went from "Ill never watch that annoying Linus kid" to now "I only trust LMG for tech advice". ) plus ça change

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  • While you have some things right, boy do you get them wrong. A frequency, is a wave form. Each end of the wave is a digital signal, one being a 0 the other being a 1 Multi phasing this signal puts two waves in the connections, out of phase with the other, so adds two sets of 0 and 1. These are stacked, but limited to band width (how many waves) can go down the wire. There is noise and cross signals if you push to much. Think of it like WiFi channels. The vrm is handled is a cross phase loop. The coil is resistant to change as it charges, like a battery. It only works when it's off and not on and pushes power that's stored in it. The diode is the trigger and stops back flow. When it's on, the power goes up, like a slow charge. Then when it's off there is a spike of power and then a discharge. The spike and discharge is held in a capacitor like a battery for the CPU. The MOSFETs work at fast speeds switching on and off, but voltage is not alone, there is current, known as amps. Adding these together makes watts. Lower current is normal. So you take 1 volt and 1 amp you get 1 watt. 2 volts, 1 amp is 3watts and 1 volt 2 amps is 3 watts. The low voltage and lower heat, is actually harder to control over higher voltage. (Why intel want PSUs to change). If you have a high watts requirements with low voltage we need higher currents (amps) to make it work. If we have 100 volts and we want 200 watts what current (amps) do we need? Phasing, smooths the flow of power as switching power creates peaks and lows, so if they are opposed, then there is a middle which is the voltage that we want.

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