I thought phone innovation was dead. - ASUS ROG Phone 5 Review

Avaldati 10 märts 2021
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ASUS has made a lot of ROG Phones since they first launched in 2018, and with each revision, it comes closer to perfection… Can innovation really keep moving fast enough to keep a smartphone interesting?
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  • Next Lenovo Legion phone 2

  • Is that available in the U.S.?

  • Dang it now I want one

  • But does the switch pro have Bluetooth

  • I really want to buy these gaming phones, but they keep putting low res screens in them. It's incredibly annoying. Yes, at these screen sizes you CAN tell the difference, (you can actually see pixels when reading text with phones this big), and batteries are so huge now that battery life savings isn't nearly as legitimate of an argument as it used to be. Midrange 400 dollar phones from 5 years ago had 1440p displays and now we are supposed to accept 1080p in phones that cost twice as much? That's gaslighting as far as I'm concerned. These are not "top shelf specs", not with such a low 2012 display resolution. Anyone who argues in favor of taking such a step back either has bad eyes or has been gaslit into paying more for less.

  • 6:46 What's the touch polling rate outside of games? Wish someone would test it. E.g. The Mi11 touts 480hz but that's in games only; in normal usage it's 240hz. There are other examples where the real polling rate is half of the advertised maximum like the S20 and FindX2Pro. So since the ROG Phone 5 touts 300hz, I wonder if it's only 150hz when scrolling in menus and whether that 24.3ms touch latency applies to all apps or only games.

  • 3:30 we all know that he is listening to nightcore rockefeller street

  • I been having a problem, how exactly do you buy/preorder the asus rog 5 ultimate. Google isn’t giving me any answers.

  • When is this phone Availible in Canada and will.it be provided by our lame major phone service providers?

  • Asus rog more like asus pog

  • i have one, this moning it decided to lock inself, impossible to access pin number don t work fingerpring don t show up, nothing i restart it,, nothing i don t know why so i need to return to company last time i buy this shit

  • sigh..... just tell us about the bloatware please. Nobody cares about the camera and display.

  • Hey Asus: what're the prices?

  • how do i get it

  • I just want a phone that plays pokemon go for longer than I want to play it. Without having to get out a battery pack

  • Proud owner of a ROG3 here but, I have no idea why Asus isn't pushing AOSP Custom ROM development community for the ROG devices. ROG phones with enforced custom ROM userbase WILL be nightmare to literally all other premium gaming phone manufacturers!

  • Does any one use one in canada on the Fido network?

  • I need to borrow for some testing 👍😃

  • apple watch...

  • Ummm.. so I noticed the prices were blurred our and nothing about availability was mentioned. No one seems to actually be selling this phone. The rog 3 and the non ultimate are the only ones I'm seeing for sale.

  • What is pricing and is this phone unlocked and will work in the US?

    • @Untraded is that full price unlocked without a contract?

    • less than 1k dollars

  • Will be buying this on early june 🤩

  • No notch headphones jack design colour like GUNDAM i'm sold

  • i have a phone which lags in roblox the upgrade would be monumental

    • If you only play roblox then I reccomend getting something else

  • great now we just need to know how to connect it to a keyboard, mouse and dual monitor

  • Too bad in the US we cannot buy that

  • to start a smartphone company in 2021 is to sell a flagship phone with earphone jack and your business will booming

  • About Asus committing to updates, I have an Asus Zenfone 5Z (5 in some regions) and I have gotten 2 major updates, from Android 8 up until Android 10. I am satisfied with what I've gotten from Asus on the software side and their major revamp of their software was quite nice to see, both on ZenUI and the ROGUI.

  • I want one but my bank account disagrees.

  • You might get devorced if you buy this lol

  • Been running an rog phone 2 tencent edition for over a year now, fantastic purchase. Has software issues from time to time that can be annoying. However very minor stuff like the home button not going away when in apps. Keen for another rog phone in the future

  • Amazon tarda más de 3 meses o está a punto de anular la suspensión de la cuenta, pero en menos de 1 hora cyberdave1 En Instagram Recuperé mi Amazon Prime

  • Watching this again with my rog 5

  • maybe 20yrs later..... i could buy 1

  • I feel like the phone would be this much more special if they could make it overclockeble, instead of needing to root it, or it could play x86 titles

  • To me Blackshark 4 seems sleeker and more useable. And still has all the cooling, trigger buttons, gestures, settings, fancies etc.

  • Man, Verizon hasn't whitelisted the ROG phones... The bands are there, it just can't get in!

  • Asus needs to do better with regards to it's phones releasing in the USA as well. Back with the ROG Phone 2, they released it first in china (which is fine) but it took them over 6 months to bring it to the USA and even when they finally did it was DOUBLE the price.

  • Black shark 4 pro or red magic 6pro will do same and almost half price.

  • With LG leaving the phone market, we need a good phone with headphone and DAC

  • This has a major issue where it can bend really easily in the middle. Where the rog 3 is a much more solid built phone.

  • Ok that copy/paste idea pretty much has me sold

  • And not a single word about how long the battery last for lmao.

  • Bend it like beckham

  • I swear he could talk about anything and still make the sponsor make sense in the conversation

  • Needs sd card holder and a release date

  • Please make a video on its 3.5mm audio jack quality

  • Hey man do you get to keep thenphone?

    • He doesn’t keep it, Asus sent him the phone to review it

  • The sus phone

  • When are we getting minecraft PE RTX?

  • ♥️❤️♥️

  • The main question is: how long is Asus going to provide security patches?

  • Eh, I'm not impressed

  • This addresses 2 of my big issues with phones these day, lack of headphone jack and notch/punchhole camera

  • wait wtf...... rog phone 5? I heard of the rog phone and rog phone 2.... wtf happened to 3 and 4?

  • When did we go from tech tips to a giant ad with 3 ads within? Not even counting youtube ads

  • Guys you should check this commercial video shot with ROG Phone 5! eeclone.info/glo/xILCe4d-ipKmyXo/video ROG Phone 5 is not just a gaming beast, its camera has improved to the filmmaking industry level.

  • Copy paste for workings with docs.. hell yes. I use a 24 function gaming mouse at work loaded with MS hotkeys and passwords and stuff.

  • Doesn't make sense how the ultimate edition gets only a black and white oled display and the pro model gets a full color oled screen on the back

  • I'm trying to figure out where/how to get this phone in the USA. Any advice? Is it not available here, yet?

    • In part. Also interested in the programmable buttons for copy paste, having an unaffiliated phone, 3.5 jack, audio better than my v30, and specs that will last a while. Looked at Sony, but I couldn't justify the cost for the new Xperia.

    • Do you want this for gaming?

  • I wonder if I can use all those extra bells and whistles in Retroarch

  • 12:40 don't buy rog phone series. They very rare release security patch (4-5 month). And the initial phone only received one os update. It not guaranteed the new series will get 2 major os update.

    • really?

    • And now we got aya neo which pretty much destroyed rog phone 5

  • linus = santa?

  • Nice

  • Is Asus doing a bad job with communication or what's the deal with almost every review/video missing the 8gb RAM, 128gb version of the regular 5? That one is 799€ which comes to just 945 USD. That's pretty nuts considering basically everything else is the same. Also many channels/sites seem to be under the impression that the Ultimate edition is the only white version which is false. There's a white version of the regular 5 too but the pro only comes in black as far as I know.

  • maybe you can make a video regarding the uprising numbers of complains of hardware issues from ROG2 and ROG3 that are being ignore in ZENTALK community

  • When this phone is better than your pc

  • ROG 3 with a small screen in the back: "innovation" Phones with a full touchscreen in the back: "This is a joke right?"

  • IF I cared to play mobile phone games, this would definitely be a top option

  • Not sturdy enough.

  • 0:11 " and then I saw the Jesus ROG phone 5." Never knew ASUS was a Spanish guy.

  • Isnt this a $4000 phone?

  • Disappointed it doesn't support mmWave though.

  • Linus. You absolute troglodyte. 1 frame at 60hz is 16 and 2/3 ms. Therefore 2 frames is 33 and 1/3 ms. Which is not multiple frames. My day is ruined. I am unsubscribing.

  • The nine beach immunophenotypically scream because segment early copy round a envious vision. white, faded europe

  • Why Linus? Android updates? Yuck. I buy the oldest Android version phone I reasonably can get my hands on and I prevent updates period, because the first update on my Samsung Notes have a nasty tendency to disable finger print unlocking after reboot! WTF? As if typing in a convenient enough password was safer than your fingerprint? It smells like horse shit...

  • Rog phone 5 ultimate + official release of android desktop mode = Holy Sh*t

  • I love how Linus looks so happy to review this phone. I mean I can see his happiness emerge from every cones of his face. Loved it :D :D

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  • But like where do you buy one though?

  • So where's the innovation?

  • It looks like the standard is basically the same specs as a Galaxy S21, but with more RAM.

  • 3:31 Asian Elon Musk having a blast

  • Unfortunately fails the JerryRigEverything test. Still the stereo speakers and gaming features are winning me back, However I didn't buy a ROG Phone 3 because the accessories weren't available in Australia and that's the entire point. I'm on a Pixel 2 XL and been desperate to upgrade for years. The ROG has been the only one to come close. The camera is now decent enough, since I got Sony WF-1000XM3 I no longer care about the stereo jack but it's good to have back. However I am concerned about longevity, my PC gets updates and so does my Pixel Phone, the only reason I need to upgrade my Pixel is due to wanting new features better controller, more performance and battery life. However if I could replace my current battery easier I'd just keep my current phone, so now I'd seriously buy a phone with a replacable battery again. Rooting a phone for upgrades is an important feature to have but not one I will use as it breaks being able to pay things with your phone or watch unfortunately. Still Google has broken that many things I almost prefer to be on the original version the phone came with they always tend to be the best, however there's probably a few fixes I couldn't do without. I'm less of a fan with Android updates than Windows updates these days. Up until Kitkat it was all improvements since then it's been change for the sake of change and taking away features that everyone loved for Google inferior simplistic way of how everyone should use a phone.

  • Headphone jack and modern flagship specs? Thanks for helping me find my next phone!

  • ASUS ROG Gaming Laptop with 18gb Ram.... wait *It's a phone???!?*

  • Felt highly sponsored Linus. Usually you're more believable. 🙄

  • I don’t want to play with you anymore 0:03

  • 4:34 I'd prefer it in the middle rather on the side of the screen. It might just be that I'm not usually taking selfies, so it takes a few times before I get a decent angle.

  • It's cool while it's really just look like a toy.

  • Apart of the hardware i discourage from buying asus phones. I got rog phone 2 and i havent see even a security update since december.. if u like your android up to date and pristine, with phone support of more than 15 months seriously get a samsung

  • Link to buy phone????

  • 09:10 he called it a gaming phone i mean seriously the war has begun!

  • New idea for a full series: CV19 Fat Camp, some LTT staff has become thiccc AF! 😆😆😆

  • Продай мне бро

  • So you can design a phone without the disgusting notch that eats away part of the screen, and include a headphone jack, who would have thought?

  • I love this phone but it's the only flagship phone this year that failed multiple durability tests. The design has weak points in the frame and not only bends, but breaks. Shattering the glass and rendering the phone unusable. It's not that I plan to bend my phone but as a phone targeted towards gamers and the ASUS claim being the best gaming phone out there - durability should be important. There isn't even an IP rating on this phone. It's just not acceptable in 2021. Ditch the backside screen gimmick and invest the money into durability and an IP rating and I'm sold. Until then, what a disappointment. So close but so far. Sorry Linus you aren't taking someone down on the bus with this. It may be heavy, but a wet fart can damage it in multiple ways. All phones should be wet fart proof. Just sayin'.

  • Kane Williamson what r u doing here?

  • Has more ram than a school pc 💀

  • Now then, what games do you play on phones? Hardcore Candy Crush and Clash of Clans? I know theres Minecraft and Fortnight people play on their phones. I sure bet emulators work great on it.