It's time. - Open Source Smartwatch

Avaldati 5 apr 2021
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If you build it, they (developers) will come - at least that’s the idea behind this open source smart watch.
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Monitor And Keyboard by vadimmihalkevich / CC BY 4.0
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  • u see how smart my coment was,does anyone get it?

  • get a fit bit

  • Damn, nice nails Linus

  • I'm not the target audience for this, I want more of a polished experience but I like where it's heading for those who care about privacy more than me. so I want this project to be a success even if it won't help me, but for those who want the privacy features, this will be big

  • Really happy LTT covered this. Phone/Wearable data mining is atrocious - this is a fantastic project and I'd never have known (or if I did, never have trusted it to be usable/trustworthy) it existed without this.

  • 04:00 Did Luke help with this B-Roll? 😂

  • A few days ago I bought a 17 pack of old pebble and pebble steel watches. I don't like modern smart watches. I've had the versa 2. It is like the spiritual successor to the pebble watches, but development is tedious and unintuitive. It feels like a shallow immitation that can't get basic features down. Heart rate is nice, but all I want is a good battery life, music controls (which the versa makes you pair to another bluetooth SSID to do), and to show my notifications. That isn't a lot to ask, but there's so much garbage out there desparately trying to juggle features I don't want or need. is the only think keeping the pebble watches alive and I'm not ready to give up the (still superior for my use) smartwatch from a time before google bought fitbit who bought pebble.

  • 4:31 The red and black nail polish looks good on you Linus. :)

  • Please give the ttgo t-watch 2020 a look

  • "200 by 200 pixel display. Well, it's not quite 4 thousand pixels..." Of course it isn't xD It would've been 40 thousand if it was square. The round one is ~ 31400

  • This is amazing! Thank you LTT for the bringing exposure to their project!

  • this would be cool in 2012, Not now

  • The fossil hybrid is probably the best one. Its not as "high tech" as the other ones, but its completely customizable with their software.

  • NGL.... I think I would really like to see Linus on a motorcycle.

  • 4:17 - Thought I was the only Pebble holdout. 🥰

  • Can we get a rectangular or square face instead. I'm not a fan of round anymore.

  • Hullo!

  • No appalled

  • Mr Harry Potter the host of the show thinks he is a computer engineer but he’s not but he thinks he is superior or bigger computer technician in the entire world human race

  • Are thoes the Amethyst crystals from Luke’s build at 4:03?

  • 3: 36 Do your math linus

  • Was that a Futurama reference :)

  • I'll get one when they'll have the blood pressure/heartbeat/oxygen sensors in them

  • So if all of Linus complaint is true and what he said about he likes this watch was true, then why he just don't stick with normal watch 😕😕 I mean I'm not his family or relatives and that was his money but why bother you know

  • 4:32 I literally thought that Linux had painted his nails😂😒

  • 8:33 - * Exited Linus Noises*

  • I just won't wear anything like that.. a phone is good enough

  • today linus feels like he’s high

  • Hold up, Linus rides a motorcycle??

  • i'll get one if it has usb c

  • What a terrible name and thumbnail, I've almost missed this video, fortunately it shows up when you search "open source hardware" in the channel search box. I have hard time being mad though, since it's amazing that you are helping such a cool project and even mentioning others, who are helping us bring alternatives to the corporate thrashware. Thank you Colin!

  • Would it be possible to build Corona Exposure notifications inside this watch. Cheap and very good dongle for COVID

  • So I'm finally paying youtube premium to still have ads baked in the video. Nice job! 🖕🖕🖕

  • i am gonna contribute


  • half bender

  • 4:30 the transition makes it look like Linus painted his nails XD.

  • Pebble gang represent!

  • “Both the hardware and the software are open source.” *Everyone liked that.*

  • and that's why i like LTT

  • This watch has more features than my PC

  • bruh these samsung ads are getting annoying

  • Me watching the thumbanil: The Obamium?! 😳

  • I tried a smart watch ONCE. I do NOT understand what makes them so popular. I have literally no use for anything the smart watch provided and it was simple WAY too expensive for what I was actually using it for.... time. If you love smart watches, more power to you. I'd personally rather spend $200 aud on a nice G-Shock that will last me years instead of a smart watch.

  • 4:10 why are we not using type C. 8[

  • Not gonna lie, thumbnail was misleading. Came here for The Pyramid by Sabre

  • could you build a pc for me? or give me advice for building pc for 1200 euros i a budget

  • Sometimes I forget that Linus rides motorcycles too, and that we actually have (last I checked) the same bike (his is just a bit older and the "sport" version, IIRC). Ily linus

  • Linus has a MOTORCYCLE????

  • 4:20 Linus rides a motorcycle? Are you sure it's not a scooter?

  • came here hoping for a Oneplus Smartwatch review.

  • My engineering project ready 😂😂

  • never worn a watch. Never will. Sorry. Glasses, sure. thats about it.

  • As he wearing an Apple Watch

  • 3DPrinting a case Chocolate 3D Printer 3DPrinted chocolate computer case!

  • Please for the love of everything, photoshop a beard onto the LTT Store Linus pictures. It's so jarring seeing prebeard Linus pop up. Gah.

  • Boo smart watches. Lame. Get a nice time piece and stop looking like a child. Use your phone for tech. Yes I'm an old man yelling at a cloud. but still. edit; ok fine, Paul gets a pass. thats a pretty cool idea. I'm still mad that most people buy useless smartwatches when a mechanical timepiece is becoming more affordable and usable by the day. There's loads of exciting stuff coming out and it looks spectacular. I'm almost curious if Paul could incorporate a proper automatic into this design to get the best of both worlds.

  • Cool project. For everybody else that wants heart rate monitoring should go with a watch that is supported by gadgedbridge.

  • 1.7 thousand viewers hate privacy.

  • After watching the MP3 players video, I just realized this could make a more than decent Bluetooth MP3 player.

  • These videos are getting harder and harder to watch with all the cheesy LLT store plugs. This will be your downfaill

  • Ohhhhhh "It's time."

  • 00:29 and hookers!

  • Loving those nail colours Linus

  • GeoDude crystals FTW.

  • *Just square the damn watch for more space, rounding it just makes it harder to produce and gives you less screen space and internals room.*

  • 4:42 Woah, Linus uses nail polish ???

  • Isn't there any custom rom for Android wearables?

  • 3D printing is stupid. It’s expensive Slow And not durable Idk why people are spending literally billions of dollars in R&D They should’ve killed the concept years ago

  • straight up click bait

  • It's not time for quikbits ?

  • Does anyone have a video/ or tips on where to buy and what parts to use for my "starter pc"? My budget is not over 900 $ Thanks guys.

  • What about the hookers ?¿

  • Wow the prices of the TTGO 32 chip have gone way up. Nice one linus.

  • Who the hell captioned this video? Please watch your vids with captions on before you approve them!!!!

  • wow tech Linus tips made a history-tech news video

  • Can I connect a ducky 1 2 mini keyboard to Acer predator triton 500?


  • Linus seemed extremely Effeminate in this video.

  • That's it! No one's said this, and i think _SOMEONE_ needs to, so i'll do it. Where are our LTTStore panties, Linus?!? I wanna be a 10/10 too! I can't believe i just asked that...

  • with everyone having smartphones why would you need a watch

  • I miss my Pebble...

  • Hey Linus long time watcher , i was hoping of reaching out to you hoping you'd help me aquire a graphics card i haven't been able to get ahold of one everything is out of stock , please i would appreciate the help

  • i am currently mining on the watch the hasrate is 25 kh/s dont ask how i am mining i just did a ot of mmodifiacations on the watch

  • Next videos will be . We put a pc in a smart watch

  • r/unexpectedfuturama

  • 4:20 Pebble Time is still the best practical smartwatch to this day. The always on e-ink display along with the 1 week battery life and fun watch faces make me miss it even today using my brand new Apple Watch SE.

  • ...micro usb tho?

  • hi

  • “1.4 inches for you Liberians” and Americans.

  • 200 x 200 is 40,000. Not 4,000.

  • Can you feature more open source tech, maybe as a continuous series? I think highlighting things like this is a huge boost for any open source project. Maybe have different people from LTT highlight some open source project they're familiar with. For example, I noticed Colin showcased his FPV drone. There is an open source radio link that is beating out every single commercial one for drones in both range and latency called Express LRS. Maybe a bit out of scope for LTT but I am sure there are plenty of other projects to consider.

  • Finally, some new content that doesn't suck!

  • open source is the future of development. the whole concept of open source gives any average joe access to truly lifechanging tech no matter how simple or complex.

  • If you bought a homage/fake Rolex that would be the best case for this thing a nice time date/Presidential or the classic Submariner would be just the ticket!

  • Man I miss Futurama so much

  • 4:26

  • Futurama reference. Nice

  • I have been using the Garmin Fenix 5X and it also is hardware only buttons which I love, especially since vie been using it so long I have memorized most button combos for what I want to do

  • looks like a watch i would buy off wish.