The Disney PC is REAL and WE GOT ONE!

Avaldati 16 märts 2021
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Disney, the company famous for its beloved animated films and shows, made a computer in the early 2000s… but why tho?
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Title: Laszlo - Supernova
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Outro Screen Music Credit: Approaching Nirvana - Sugar High
Monitor And Keyboard by vadimmihalkevich / CC BY 4.0
Mechanical RGB Keyboard by BigBrotherECE / CC BY 4.0
Mouse Gamer free Model By Oscar Creativo / CC BY 4.0


  • hey my gradmather used that pc lol i have that broken case today in the basement lol

  • Lebron James computer

  • upgrade the boards pannel and audio system and throw disney pluss on that.

  • "Thats right, we got one!" that Verge reference 😂😂

  • If you get your hands on one dear commenter, I notice that the mouse is actually having mickey mouse's mouse ears, so its technically a 'mouse'

  • I Love Maddison and i love how Linus is like an annoyed dad with her xD

  • Put a rtx 3080 in it

  • Wait, even Disney PC i faster than mine?

  • There’s small, there’s extra small, theres extra extra small, then there’s Linus small

  • I'm still using machines older than this ... and underwear older than Linus

  • Just so you know: This computer from waaay back in your childhood is only about 10 years old.

  • That is LITTERALY just a Disney ps2 controller

  • It’s Goth no Go🤦‍♀️

  • If I’d known about this when I was a kid, I would’ve driven my parents crazy asking for it.

  • 6:33: "Te Hiku" was very satisfied with it!

  • Turn that to threadripper sleeper

  • From the Back it looks like a Sony Viao

  • I want to see you make this into a sleeper PC. Remove the tower and build everything into the monitor. Replace the stylus for a wireless one in the casing of the original. Update the keyboard to cherry switches. Add RGB to the mouse and keys. (I always wanted todo this to an old school Apple laptop because I always wanted one as a kid)

  • My childhood: I would've loved this! Me now: Why whould i need this if intel core i 11 is out.

  • you need to burn that communist piece of hardware before it streams all your personal info back to whinnie the poo, not gonna lie kinda disgusted that you would do any video over anything Disney, disney needs to burnt o the ground and all its higher ups should burn with it what a bunch of human trash, i truly wish they would get thrown in one of the camps they chose to film beside and thank the guards hopefully they enjoy their re-education.

  • play minecraft on it lol

  • I remember playing that Goofy skate game!

  • Tfw you still use core temp

  • New video idea: turning a old disney computer into a beast of computers

  • Where did you dig up that old ati advert?

  • Put a gaming pc inside it

  • Make the worlds fastest gaming pc but use the Mickey monitor

  • My friend in my engineering class said he was the one who sent it. I don’t quite believe him though

  • The bit with Goofy skating off into the briny deep reminds me of doing the same on the Silent Cartographer, in Halo, in a warthog.

  • Yeah, we got one!

  • That typing game looks so familiar. I think my younger brother played it in middle school way back when this was probably released


  • "There was nothing like this when I was 5!" "This came out when you were 5..." "Well..." *awkwardness intensifies*

  • having CC on when the zoomer was drawing "(Zoomer laughing)" genuinely made my day

  • pov: hobo looks in trash at disney world and finds a pc

  • This came out when I was born-

  • Did anyone else think about the frozen Walt Disney theory when he said “Mickey Mouse cooling”?

  • Anyone else notice Goofy doesn’t ride his board goofy? I only remembered that because I do.

  • I… I want this case for a fun sleeper build.

  • Part of me is like, keep it as a collectors item Part of me is like, put threadripper and a pair of 3090's in it.

  • My favorite part is 15:46 because she's trying to select something that's already selected.

  • 7:09 why is their face and voice censored?


  • Madison needs to experience Kid Pix

  • Nice Stories Video. :)

  • I'm 20 and I know you need an audio cable. I know a lot about computers, though, so I guess I understand

  • I pay for youtube premium but your ads remind me of how it was before... Just as intruding but a bit less annoying

  • Buys PC, Slowly types in P-O-R-N-H...

  • imagine playing osu on this pen and keyboard 💀

  • Time to upgrade this to a busted gaming pc lol

  • Twentyy dollars for a mini pillow?? 😮

  • The rainy pastry exceptionally unlock because poison phylogenitically prefer near a sore revolve. macabre, petite sock

  • is she jewish

  • Play Warzone on it

  • making the inside of the pc a gaming pc

  • 13:29 What about Disney+?

  • i got your ad on honey before this..

  • lol Disney is the WORST company in the world to support. Why would you buy anything from them?

  • I loved playing Toontown in the 2000s as a kid, It's what made MMOs one of my most favourite genres. Everyone at school played Club Penguin and I felt cool not playing just some browser game. Can't believe the original game closed almost 10 years ago already.

  • The monitor turned off makes it look like a screaming frog and I love it to death

  • hook that sucker up with mad specs

  • The audio guy nails a funnier joke so Linus negs him about not knowing what a VGA cable does.

  • make a sleeper from this thing

  • I still use coretemp because it opens quickly and it just works

  • I love how they both use the stylus on flat surfaces when it's actually supposed to be used straight on the monitor

  • Loved the IMAX scenes six minutes in there

  • "My considerably lighter wallet" well you *are* running a business, Linus

  • This is perfect for playing cs:go, I am gonna buy this right now!

  • Ridge wallets are too expensive for me ***Meanwhile me trying to get the Mama Luigi plush (kellytoy)***

  • God dammit I was saving a small percent of what make for one of these but now the prices is gonna be high as hell

  • Wait I still use coretemp.

  • you should put a 3090 in that thing

  • Linus Disney Tips

  • 9:37 is the real one sorry

  • 7:53 ugh skip here if you want the real video. it's cool

  • Drop a 3090 in it lol

  • Imange just whipping this out in a cash cup

  • me as a 16 year old with huge hands can confirm that controller is BIG

  • everyone gangsta till the disney computer pulls up

  • “There was nothing like this when I was 5.” Hello?! Kidpix has been a thing since nineties!

  • ImAgine linus making a gaming channel lol

  • Would be interesting if he tried to play OSU with that stylus

  • HOW TO WIN😍🤩🥰

  • Honestly you have to make this a sleeper PC now

  • Disney watches in the background. I think we should relaunch this with updated tech. We can milk this.

  • Meepcity looks very similar to Toontown. Very strange...

  • turns into a gamer PC!

  • At first I thought that it was BTX, but it seems more like a reversed ATX...

  • 9:35 I remember getting a copy of that Goofy Skateboarding game in a box of cereal

  • 5:19 Linus and Bitwit are one conformed

  • mickey *mouse*

  • 2 sponsors in one video..????????

  • Kid me would have the time of my LIFE playing ToonTown on this bad boy

  • Can you connect it and the hot wheels monitor to a modern pc

  • walter

  • Best part 16:37 when it gets presented as if it was some top gaming gear.

  • 9:00 these insane product placement ads remind me of "Truman Show"

  • Made by Medion... ALDI ! I have expewrienced a Medion PC in early 2000s and it was one of the most silent, best looking small PCs ever.

  • 12:33 they switched to club penguin

  • My main pc is for gaming stuff but what I find interesting that I do is I still use a computer from 2008 for school. It’s a early 2008 iMac 4gb ram 2.66ghz core 2 duo and 256mb video memory